Therapists take sessions to the next level at MD Support Centre

A new hoist at MD Support Centre is enabling therapists to take their sessions to the next level.

MD Support Centre has been able to install the hoist at its Westwood Business Park headquarters thanks to generous donations from Screwfix Foundation, Rowlands Trust, NLCF Awards for All, Heart of England Community Foundation, Sylvia Waddilove Foundation and Coventry Building Society.

The hoist can be manoeuvred along ceiling-mounted tracks around the clinic and enables physio and osteo-therapists to better assist service users as they move from a wheelchair to a treatment table or equipment such as parallel bars, or to a supported standing position.

Senior physiotherapist Dan Foley said: “It not only hoists our most vulnerable service users in and out of their chairs and on and off our plinths, but also has the capability to bring appropriate service users into standing, with some or all their body weight supported.

“From here, our possibilities are endless when it comes to therapy provision, including for muscle strengthening, core stability, gait re-education and even games such as football and a dance or two! What this does is start to open, or re-open in some cases, services users’ beliefs about what their bodies are capable of doing.

“The hoist allows us to provide a whole extra layer of safety and security which allows them to focus 100% on the task in hand to get the neurons firing and the possibility of new or improved movement. It will become a hugely important part of what we are able to offer and will benefit many of our service users at MD Support Centre.”

Muscular dystrophy is a lifelong and progressive condition, and the charity is one of only two organisations nationwide providing essential long-term physical therapies to help adults with MD to maintain their health, mobility and independence.

Among those to have benefited from the hoist so far is Bradley Bedding from Solihull, an  Engineering Co-Ordinator for the Department for Transport, who said it had given him the confidence to try new things: “The hoist makes me safe. I hadn’t kicked a football in years but using the hoist, I managed to kick a football back and forth to staff. Just doing this small action, it gave me so much joy and sense of achievement that I could still do it. Without the hoist, I wouldn’t be able to as I would lose balance and no doubt fall over.

“I am looking forward to using the hoist for other activities in my next sessions as it brings new availability to what I can do. Having this centre and the new hoist is vital to all of us who come here. It gives us somewhere to go to help our condition, and someone is always on hand to talk to if needed.”

Bradley, pictured above with physiotherapist Chandni Patel, added: “I just want to thank everyone who has helped to fund the hoist. It is a great addition to an already great centre!”

MD Support Centre has more than 520 service users and accepts referrals from hospital consultants and GPs.

Helen Hone, Fundraising Manager for MD Support Centre, said: “The hoist is an incredible addition to our facilities and the impact it has already made has been transformational for our service users. A huge thank you to everyone who has made this possible!”

If your business would like to become a partner of MD Support Centre or make a donation, please contact Fundraising Manager Helen Hone or explore the possibilities at our Corporate Friends hub.