MD Support Centre offers a variety of MD-specific online therapies and support to suit the needs of our service users. Our team provides individual 1-to-1 online therapy sessions, tailored group exercise classes and flexible “drop-in” group classes. We also offer exercise and breathing videos that have been pre-recorded by our therapists for you to access “on-demand”, as well as social support and connection. Later in this page, we have also provided links to other exercise resources that you might find helpful, and some information on how we have developed our online service services until now and for the future.

To book an individual online session, tailored group class or for any enquiries, please call us on 02476 100770 or email us at

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If you are experiencing pain or are concerned about managing your condition, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help. 

Online Sessions and Classes

Individual Online Sessions

The online version of our in-person 1-1 appointment with a physiotherapist or osteopath. Telephone consultations are also available. (15 min – 60 min, advance appointment booking required)

Tailored small group classes

Tailored to provide specific types and levels of exercise – see schedule below (6 week blocks, pre-booking required)

Drop-in classes

Suitable for all levels of ability, come as you please – links and schedule below (ongoing, no booking required) 

Class schedule and descriptions

Our pre-booked online exercise classes will run in blocks of 6 weeks followed by a 2-3 week break. 

* Classes are 60 mins unless otherwise noted, therapists and weekly schedule may vary/advised by therapist in class

About the development of our Online Services

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our team at MD Support Centre (MDSC) worked hard to establish ways that we could continue to provide MD-tailored therapies and support to our service users during an unprecedented time of social isolation/lockdown. Our team developed a range of online therapies, online social and peer-to-peer support, and the digital systems and processes needed to provide that support. We are proud that we were back up and running online by April 2020, and by August 2020 we had resumed carefully controlled face-to-face operations too. 

The overwhelmingly positive response and feedback from service users has led to us to understand the benefits that online services can offer, and the extent to which they have become an essential and valued support option for many of our service users. With many service users unable to access our in-clinic support regularly or at all due to challenges with distance, transport or health, online therapies provide support not otherwise available.  As such, the MDSC trustees and team have committed to making our online support a permanent addition to the services we provide so you have more options to access the support you need most.