MDSC has moved to our new home & HQ!

Mission accomplished!

After 3 days of packing, moving and unpacking, MDSC’s new HQ at Westwood House is ready to welcome service users for our first day of clinics tomorrow, Tuesday 23rd August 2023.

10 years at Hereward College was sorted through by our lead receptionist Vicki and all of the team then boxed up by our expert packing team – Sarah, Taher, Barbara, Sarah’s brother Chris and Roger.

We bid a very sad farewell to Hereward and all the friends we have made there along the way. Without Hereward providing us a home and the support of their team throughout these last 10 years, MDSC would not have been able to achieve all that we have. We will be eternally grateful to everyone there for all they have done for us over the last decade!

Huge thanks to MFS Solutions for moving us so quickly and efficiently on Sunday and to our packing team plus Louise and mum Debbie, Sarah’s husband Rich and our physio volunteer David for their incredible work to get our new HQ up and running. Below are some pics and video from our move.

We can’t wait for you all to check out our new home!!!❤️