What is Physiotherapy?

This is a form of physical treatment and management enabling people to reach their maximum physical potential. Physiotherapy is tailored to the needs of the individual, and it aims to minimise the development of contractures and deformities, anticipate and minimise any secondary physical complications and monitoring respiratory function. We use a wide range of techniques including: movement and exercise, manual therapy by using hands to relieve muscle pain and stiffness to encourage blood flow, and other techniques such as hot and cold packs, ultrasound or electrotherapy to ease pain.

Physiotherapists are trained medical professionals and their title is protected. For people with muscular dystrophy or a related neuromuscular condition, physical therapy is crucial in ensuring they lead as fulfilling a life as possible.


What happens during a Physiotherapy session?

To have physiotherapy at the MD Support Centre you can be referred directly by your consultant, GP or Osteopath, confirming your diagnosis.

You will be invited for an assessment, where you will meet our neuromuscular specialist physiotherapist. Following your assessment, the physiotherapist will discuss with you a regular treatment programme.

Your assessment will last 1 hour 30 minutes and future physiotherapy appointments will last 1 hour. You may be given exercises to do between sessions.


How can Physiotherapy help?

Physiotherapy is tailored to the needs of the individual and your treatment goals will be revised regularly to ensure you are getting the maximum physical benefit from your sessions. Benefits include:

  • minimising the development of contractures and deformities through a programme of stretches and, where appropriate, exercises
  • anticipate and minimise any secondary physical complications
  • identifying and prescribing aids and equipment
  • advice on moving and handling
  • The monitoring of respiratory function and advice on techniques to assist with breathing exercises and methods of clearing secretions.


After your therapy session

Generally, depending on the form of therapy you may feel a little tired or sore after treatment. If you experience discomfort or you are in pain please contact the Centre on 02476 100770 and ask to speak to your physiotherapist for advice.


To use the services provided by the Centre, you can be referred directly by your consultant, GP or Physiotherapist, confirming your diagnosis. For more information on how to get referred for treatment, please click here.

To make an appointment call us on 02476 100770



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