The Muscular Dystrophy Support Centre has moved!

On 21st August 2022, MDSC moved into our new Coventry headquarters at Unit 10, Westwood House and held our 1st day of therapies in our new home 2 days later on 23rd August. The new premises is larger with the improved accessibility, parking and facilities which our service users have long hoped for. The response to our new premises has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly with respect to its improved accessibility.

Our move was necessitated by Hereward College’s need to reclaim our space at the college to support their growth as well as MDSC’s own growth and need for better accessibility for our service users. MDSC is grateful to Hereward for giving our charity a home for our first 10 years and giving us an extended lead time of 14 months to find and move into our new home.

With this move, however, comes a four-fold increase in our rent and monthly running costs for the new premises and a commitment to a 10-year lease. Additionally, we will incur the one-time costs of customising our new facilities for our use and purchasing the additional furnishings and equipment needed.

MDSC needs your support more than ever to help cover the increased monthly cost of our new home. Your donations, whether £5 or £50, would help us to meet these costs and a monthly donation would help us even more to ensure we can provide the ongoing therapies our service users rely on to support their independence and better quality of life.