Vivek Gohil

“Being referred to the MD Support Centre (NMC Midlands) and its brilliant specialist physiotherapists and osteopaths has been very important in living with my Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The centre and its specialists assess you and then the care becomes more person centred.

My issues were regarding my arms/fingers getting stiff and stopping my quality of life. The osteopath did some shoulder exercises and instantly my arms warmed up and became more flexible. My mother was shown these exercises and we do them everyday, it has improved my independence as I need less care.

Without the MD Support Centre my muscular dystrophy would have restricted my life but due to the fantastic centre my quality of life has improved and my muscle flexibility has been improved. It’s an important centre as you cannot access these specialist services easily in Leicester, I cannot stress how brilliant this centre is in providing necessary care. Everyone would benefit if they were referred to the the Centre”