Taher Dhuliawala

Clinical Services Manager, Physiotherapist

Taher graduated in Physiotherapy from Pune university, India in 2009. He moved to the UK to pursue a Masters in Applied Physiotherapy (Neurology) at Sheffield Hallam University in 2012. In 2012 Taher started working as a Locum Physiotherapist, exploring different working environments in a number of NHS trusts. He started working permanently at Leicester’s hospital from 2015 and moved to private practice in 2017.

In 2018 Taher began working with MDSC in Leicester, initially at the Rainbows Satellite Clinic and now at the LOROS Satellite Clinic. From 2021 Taher has taken on the role of Clinical Services Manager, alongside his work at the Leicester Satellite Clinic. Taher is also a committee member for Midlands ACPIN.

Taher not only specialises in treating people with Neuromuscular conditions but also, he specialises in treating patients with Traumatic Neurological injuries and Stroke. His clinical interest not only includes providing hands-on therapy and exercise rehabilitation to his patients, but his main passion lies in the use of technological devices as part of rehabilitation. Taher has also developed a telerehabilitation approach and leads online as well as face to face group therapy classes, which have always been well received by his patients.

Alongside clinical management he also provides holistic management for his Neurological patients. Taher is committed to evidence-based practice to achieve the best possible results for his patients and is based at our Leicester clinic.