Emily Bonner

Content and Engagement Volunteer

Emily never wished to go to University so after sixth form she attended Warwickshire College graduating in 2007 with a HND in Countryside Management. 
She’s always been an outdoorsy type, loving the natural environment, countryside, and nature, with an affinity to water. Although she can no longer swim, Emily loves being in, on and by the water and has good sea-legs if nothing else!

After her diagnosis in 2011 of limb girdle muscular dystrophy (2b or not 2b), Emily’s dreams of working as a Countryside Ranger had to take a back seat and she found herself on a different path which ultimately led her to MDSC. 
Working for the National Trust in Visitor Services as well as writing a newspaper column for The Oxford Mail, in 2020 when both of these ceased, Emily started to apply her creative skills and got involved with MDSC’s Social Group which led on to her volunteering informally until 2022 when she formally became our Content & Engagement Volunteer. 

Emily is a free-spirited and creative soul who loves to write, make videos, explore her spirituality as well as tending to her wild garden whilst living authentically and organically as possible. She loves her food but not so much cooking these days as it’s become increasingly difficult. 

Emily enjoys living the quiet life “in the middle of nowhere” with her rescue cat Inca, listening to the owls, being at one with the surrounding environment, watching out for bats and gazing up at the moon and stars. 
She’s a proud left-hander and likes to follow her own path, living by her heart whilst attempting to bring some joy and humour into the world. You could now call her a sit-down comedian!