Bryan Gould

Engagement Officer

I spent 30 years in the healthcare industry, 14 of which were in service management. NHS and private healthcare service support, managing numerous engineering teams across England and Wales. 9 months also managing a call centre in Reigate.

I have a rare, late onset muscular dystrophy (Oculopharyngeal). Several members of my family had / have the condition and I became actively involved as a campaigner with Muscular Dystrophy UK in 2013 as my sister’s health declined.

Voted MDUK Campaigner of the year in 2016 and I am a member of their Content Advisory Group and a Peer Support Volunteer. I am also a Co-Chair of the West Midlands Neuromuscular Clinical Network and have spoken at GP Education, Care Advisor and Respiratory Study events. As part of the #RightToBreathe campaign I have actively participated in meetings with health ministers at Westminster and supported Cough Assist equipment commissioning debates and strategies. I also worked with a local CCG, GP and End of Life Palliative Care Consultant on a GP Neuromuscular Pathway.

As part of a local Neurological Alliance and passionate about better access to coordinated healthcare for those with complex needs (my wife has Multiple Sclerosis) I have worked with numerous neurological charities and been actively involved in the staging of several large neurological healthcare events. I also attend Dudley neurology and end of life palliative care strategy group meetings. In addition, as a Patient Public Volunteer I supported the NHS England New Care Models Vanguard Programme and in more recent years its Elizabeth Garett Anderson and Nye Bevan Leadership Programmes

Actively involved with the MD Support Centre since 2017, I have been very pleased to support clinical engagement and relationship activities whilst also as a service user benefiting enormously from the specialised neuromuscular physical therapies.