COVID-19 Update

MD Support Centre is fully open for all new and returning service users. We hope that you will come to see us soon! Following the COVID pandemic, we continue to take important infection control precautions to ensure everyone stays safe and well.

  • We advise everyone on-site to continue to regularly sanitise or wash their hands
  • Our therapy team will wear masks during your treatment in accordance with guidance from the Heath and Care and Professions Council
  • We continue to run online classes to support service users who are not able to see us face to face

We no longer require that our service users wear masks, but please be considerate of others, if you feel unwell with symptoms of COVID-19 or other infectious condition (e.g. high temperature, cough, cold, sore throat, runny nose etc.) please do not come in to see us, or if at all in doubt, please wear a mask.

Thank You,

Taher Dhuliawala
Clinical Services Manager,
On behalf of MD Support Centre.