COVID-19 Update

MD Support Centre is fully open for all new and returning service users. We hope that you will come to see us soon! We are still taking important precautions and expect our service users to follow our COVID policy to ensure everyone stays safe and well.

What is MD Support Centre doing to reduce the COVID-19 risk?

  • We are still undertaking telephone triage to risk assess face-to-face therapy with each returning service user 
  • We are advising everyone onsite to continue to regularly sanitise or wash their hands
  • Our therapy team are wearing full PPE (including mask, gloves, and apron) and they clean all therapy equipment before and after each use
  • We have protective screens and air purifiers for improved COVID safety
  • We continue to run online classes to support service users who are not yet ready to see us face to face and to minimise in person gatherings
  • All MDSC therapists and staff are taking lateral flow tests twice a week to check that they are COVID free
  • All MDSC staff are required to wear masks when moving around the office/ not at their desk

What expectations and advice do we have for service users to help ensure their own safety and the safety of our staff when they come to the Centre?

  • Wear a mask (provided by us) while you are in the Centre and make sure that your carer/ family member who accompanies you does so too  
  • Let us know if you or any of your family members have signs of COVID-19 (like high temperature, cough, cold, sore throat, runny nose etc.) and do not come to visit us if you have any symptoms 

Although we have all had our vaccinations, we need to ensure we continue to stay safe and keep our community safe.

If you are unsure of the procedure to follow during your journey at centre, please call our reception team and we can provide you will all necessary information.

Thank You,

Taher Dhuliawala
Clinical Services Manager,
On behalf of MD Support Centre.