Gayle Armson

“My visits to the centre started when I realised how much of a difference regular treatment made to my physicality and well being. I did manage to get one physiotherapy appointment and 6 hydrotherapy appointments through the NHS. This was approximately 3 years ago. By the time I came to the Centre 2 years ago I had experienced a rapid reduction in my mobility, movement in my neck and shoulders, and my hands.

Like many of us with muscle-wasting conditions I don’t want to be a burden on my family, the NHS, my GP or anyone else. Attending the Centre once a month for treatment enables me to maintain a level of personal independence that 3 years ago I thought would not be possible. Most importantly, it enables me to continue to function effectively as both a mother and an employee as my motivation is significantly improved after visiting the centre and I am able to put some of the practical ideas that we discuss into my day to day activities.

Since attending the centre I am no longer experiencing the rapid deterioration that I had previously, and in some areas I have actually seen an improvement. The fact that I have suffered no falls in over a year, or had to take time off work through this condition speaks volumes.”