There are a number of quick and easy ways to kick-off a fundraiser via social media. This is a particularly great way to support MDSC as not only are you raising funds, you’re raising awareness with your network for our charity and what we do. Here are some examples…

Facebook Fundraisers

Facebook allows you to create a fundraiser that you post to your timeline. Your friends and loved ones then have the option to donate to your fundraiser in support of your chosen cause.

How to create an Facebook fundraiser

  1. Click the link below, or selected Fundraisers from your home page on Facebook.
  2. Choose your selected charity from the categories or search.
  3. Update specifics on the left panel – how much you want to raise, fundraiser length etc.
  4. Click Create and your fundraiser will go live.

Or simply click here to begin your facebook campaign for us.

Click here to find out more from Facebooks help page.

Instagram Personal Fundraisers & Donate Stickers

On Instagram you can post a ‘Donate Sticker’ in your stories, or you can start a ‘Personal Fundraiser’ that runs for a set period of time with a defined fundraising target.

elect the charity (MD Support Centre) you want to raise money for and customize the name of your fundraiser. When people see your donation sticker in your story, they can tap Donate. Swipe up on your story to see the total amount raised and donations by username.

You can also create a fundraiser for MDSC from an Instagram post. The fundraiser will be visible in the post and you can find a link to the fundraiser in your bio. The fundraiser will be active for 30 days and you can extend the fundraiser duration or end it at any time.

If your profile is public, your fundraiser will be visible to anyone. If your profile is private, only people who follow you will be able to see and donate to your fundraiser.

How to create an Instagram fundraiser

  1. Open Instagram and tap the plus symbol to add a new post.
  2. Create or choose your image and tap the arrow (Android) or Next (iPhone).
  3. Crop and filter your post, and then tap the arrow (Android) or Next (iPhone).
  4. Tap Add Fundraiser.
  5. Choose the charity you want to fundraise for (MD Support Centre) You’ll automatically go to the “Fundraiser Details” page.
  6. Enter the details for your fundraiser and then tap Done.
  7. Tap the tick to say done (Android) or Share (iPhone).