What is Ultrasound?

The aim of therapeutic ultrasound is to promote tissue healing. Ultrasound uses high energy sound waves to alter tissue states.

There are two types of treatment modes; thermal which uses a continuous pulse to heat dense collagenous tissues and non-thermal which uses a pulse mode. If the temperature of damaged tissue is raised there will be a therapeutic increase in blood supply (hyperaemia). Pulsed ultrasound appears to alter cell membranes and acts as an inflammatory optimiser which is essential for tissue repair.


What happens during an ultrasound session and how can it help?

Before any treatment a brief medical history assessment takes to place to ensure your safety, if you have any concerns please consult your GP or consultant.

Gel is applied to the skin and a transducer is used to carry the sound waves to the affected tissue.


After your session

You may feel non specific dull pain and a general buzzing sensation, this will ease after treatment.



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