Aquatic Therapy has been used for centuries in ancient civilisation to promote healing and aid rehabilitation. During the 19th century, (then called Hydropathy), many physicians were struck by the benefits and it went through a revival in which it was used to initiate exercise and support other medical treatments. Aquatic Therapy encompasses different methods and approaches that take advantage of the range of physical properties of water. One method is to use the natural feeling of weightlessness due to water displacement to help ease movement, flexibility and functional activities such as balance. The resistance of the water offers benefits including improving strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

Now it’s at the MD Support Centre!

Lead by physiotherapists Lynn Ward and Ulrike Uta, the first set of Aquatic Therapy taster sessions took place during summer 2015 and due to the positive feedback from all our users who attended, we have been running more sessions and will be continuing these.

Day:             Wednesdays
Times:         15.00-15.30 and 15.30-16.00
Location:   Xcel Pool in Coventry
Cost:            £10 per class payable in advance

Call 02476 100770 for bookings. Each class will have up to 5 participants with 2 Physiotherapists being in the water. It is necessary to be ready by the pool side for the start of the session.  A platform lift, a chair lift and ladders provide access to the pool. There are also many exercise aids such as weights and noodles.

A little apprehensive we signed up for the (aquatic therapy) sessions but on arrival the access was brilliant and entry to the pool was helped by being able to use the platform or chair lift. The sessions were well organised and fun and built up our confidence in water while loosening our muscles. We would love to continue this type of exercise! – Debbie and Louise.

These aquatic exercise classes are suitable for people who are able to stand and walk for 30 m with or without the support of a walking aid.  Prior to attending the classes, it is necessary to fill in the Water Confidence and Health questionnaire and read the information sheet which are all available at the Centre reception.  If you have been assessed by our therapists and fulfil the medical and mobility criteria, you can book one or more classes at the Centre reception. Anyone who is interested but has not been assessed by a therapist at the Centre must first book an initial assessment.  This is to ensure the safety of service users and staff during the aquatic exercise classes. We will also be looking at the possibility to provide individual Aquatic Therapy sessions for people who are less physical able but this will need to be discussed at a later stage when we are able to evaluate our current classes.

Of the 70,000 people affected by Muscular Dystrophy and related conditions, many have never been offered aquatic therapy. To join in or find out more information contact the Centre. We wish the best of luck and continued success to the Aquatic Therapy team! – Tara Kimberlee (daughter of Ulrike)

An information sheet with further guidance is available at the Centre reception and should be read before booking any sessions. If you are interested in attending Aquatic Therapy with us, please let the office know when you are next at the Centre or call 02476 100770.



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